About Us

The Iowa Angels softball program believes in breaking down the fundamentals and aiming for perfection in each aspect of fastpitch. From throwing mechanics to hitting instructions, our staff consistently encourages and educates their softball wisdom to each athlete. We increase each players’ awareness of their swing, fielding process, offensive/defensive situations, and complete knowledge of the game. The Iowa Angels’ staff will give your daughter the tools she needs to become the successful softball player she strives to be.

We are excited to work with girls of all ages from 8U to 16U! It’s never too early or too late to start developing the correct skills. From our youth teams to our high school teams, everyone will receive top-notch instructions and game experiences. Developmental nights, team practices, and tournaments will take place at all levels. Our older teams will also participate in recruiting workshops and showcase tournaments. Fortunately, the coaching staff has already gone through the recruiting process themselves as players and coaches, resulting in multiple insights to be shared to an Iowa Angel.

about-us1The facilities that practices take place at are state-of-the-art venues. SportsPlex West has a combined square footage of over 40,000. This square footage includes turf fields, basketball/volleyball courts, hitting cages, pitching tunnels, a weight room, and a concessions/restroom area. New synthetic turf was put in during the winter of 2016 for true training in all seasons. Zones for pitching and hitting are spread throughout the entire original SportsPlex West building: two upstairs hitting cages, three cages on the turf that are 25 x 90 feet, a structural pitching area of 120 x 15 feet, and a downstairs training cage of over 100 feet long. The weight room consists of top training equipment and is ran by D1 Sports Training. The basketball courts are located in the SportsPlex West building across the street; consisting of over 10,000 square feet. Every room in these two buildings are well-lit, spacious, and organized. The outdoor fields used through the SportsPlex West programs are held at various venues, but still in great conditions.

Want to know more? Contact us and we’ll be happy to fill you in on everything that is the Iowa Angels. Or, if you have all the information you need, register for our FREE Sunday camp or register for tryouts.